A Sheltered Life


I had a good discussion last night with one of my children about living a sheltered life.

I ended it with something along these lines . . . .

“I’m sheltered. I choose to shelter myself from many things. I don’t care to know about all the latest pop-culture crazes and references. I don’t care to be up on all the latest and greatest of everything flying through the Internet. I don’t enjoy hearing foul language. I choose to fill my life and mind with other things.

And a sad truth is, there will be people, even when you’re an adult, who will make you feel silly and awkward for not participating or being knowledgeable. Being in this world doesn’t mean you have to become entangled in it.

You can be different. I choose to be different.”



Our first hike of the weekend

The children and I spent last weekend camping with my Mom up at Buffalo Point. After setting up Thursday afternoon at the campsite, we headed out on a hike to the Overlook (overlooking the Buffalo River). There were portions of the hike that were so dreamy: patches of sunlight shining down through branches, pathways lined with wild flowers, open meadows, rocks you walked across with water trickling down.

Friday morning we rented a raft and floated the river. The river was flowing so fast it only took an hour to float what would typically take two hours. The boys swam in the river for most of the afternoon. It was WAY too cold for this mama. I just watched them and read.


The boys enjoying the freezing water

On Saturday, we took another hike. This time we drove out to an abandoned mining community called Rush. A literal, no-kidding ghost town. The hiking portion was a bit more strenuous than we anticipated. Snort. Out. Loud.


The Blacksmith // Rush, Arkansas


The General Store & Post Office // Rush, Arkansas

Before we headed back on Sunday, we took one more hike out to The Indian Rockhouse. It was my favorite hike of the weekend!


Along The Indian Rockhouse Trail


Inside The Indian Rockhouse

I earned over 50 FitPoints from all the hiking. Move my body more? Check.