31 Days to a Healthier Life

healthier life

Howdy, y’all! I’m so thankful you’ve stopped by.

I’ve poured my heart, soul, sweat and tears into this series.

This series is my life . . . lived out.

This series is the story of my journey ~ the one I’m still traveling.

If just one person is inspired and motivated after reading this, I will feel my time was well spent.

I’d love to hear your story. I’d love to be your cheerleader. Shoot me an e-mail ~ let’s chat.

xoxo ~ Ruthanne

1. My Story
2. Filtering
3. Triggers: What are They? How do I Deal with Them?
4. Make a List
5. Weight Loss Apps
6. Partners in Crime Weight Loss
7. One Slip Does Not Have to Lead to an Avalanche
8. Let’s Get Moving!
9. We Make Time for What’s Important
10. Make it a Family Thing
11. The Comparing Game is Not Allowed!
12. Fashion Tips for the Fluffy Girl
13. Plateaus. How to Deal with Them.
14. Enjoying the Holidays
15. Links, Links and More Links
16. Becoming Battle Weary
17. Running: My Story
18. Be Inspired ~ Kristen’s Running Story
19. Be Inspired ~ Emily’s Running Story
20. Aches & Pains
21. Fueling: Before, During & After a Run
22. Cold Weather Running
23. I {Heart} My Garmin
24. Shared Miles Bring Shared Smiles
25. Finding Joy in Running
26. Running Safety
27. Gliding & Rolling
28. Getting Fitted for Shoes
29. Breathing
30. Calling Yourself a Runner
31. It’s not a Sprint. It’s a Marathon.