River Trail 15K


Yesterday was a first for me in my long history of running {insert eye rolling and a few snorts}.

I ran in my very first 15K. It’s a lot like running a 5K . . . . three times . . . . back to back.

Just kidding.

It’s nothing like running a 5K. Running a 5K is HARD, people. Never let anyone tell you differently.

This was a low mileage weekend for me, since I’m in between my 20-milers. Most of my running group was running this local race, so I decided to join in. I’ve become completely spoiled. Solo training runs are a thing of the past.

My goal for this race was to see how close I could come to keeping a 10-minute pace.

I found one of my good running buddies beforehand and decided to stick with her for the race. She had a friend with her and we all struck up a conversation that lasted the entire time. I feel like because of them I ran a very smart race. I didn’t go out too fast or too hard and I kept a steady pace the entire time. I even had some left the last mile and half-ish to up the pace.

I took a salt stick and a GU about twenty minutes before the race and then another one about half-way through. I also chewed on a couple of Clif Shot Bloks towards the end of the race. I didn’t carry any water with me, so I hit up each of the aid stations we passed which also provided a little walking break.

river trail 15k

On the drive home, a song came on the radio that went something like “This girl is on fire ~ blahblahblah ~ this girl is on fire” and I totally jammed to it. Imagine fist pumping, head banging and singyelling (I just totally made that word up ::snort::). No, I have no idea who sings it. Yes, I only know the chorus. As lame as it sounds, I felt like I was on fire yesterday. I felt so awesome after the race. I had a smile so big you could’ve seen it from space. Hey, I just busted a rhyme. Yes, imma dork.

I have one more 20-mile training run and then it’s . . . taper time! What? Ohmygoodness. That means the marathon is only ::gulp:: four weeks from TODAY. Someone hold me.

P. S. When I went to load up in my swagger wagon early yesterday morning, I found a love note waiting for me on my seat. Seriously? Who does that? Oh, wait. My man does that. #donthate



  1. You go, girl. Amazing time.

  2. That is totally Alicia Keys … (that “girl is on fire” song)