Just Another Random Monday

I have a confession.

You may not want to ever visit these random parts again after I tell you.

I’ll understand.

You can only take so much weirdness from me before you just have to say, “Enough is enough, Ruthanne! No more!”

I get it.

And it’s okay.

::deep breath::

I don’t make my bed on Sundays.


I said it.

Annnnnd I’m sharing a picture as evidence.

Right about now, I’m feeling very exposed.

And vulnerable.

Hold me.

I’m fairly certain I inherited this from my mother. This drive to always have my bed made. It’s the biggest piece of furniture in my room. Once the bed is made, my room looks 75% better immediately. I love that.

But . . . . on Sundays . . . . I just feel like being a little rebellious.

I tell myself, “Ruthanne, don’t make the bed.”

And I respond to myself, “Okay, I won’t. I can do this. I can totally do this. Look at me being all bad and stuff. Ahhh, yeah . . . . . ::glances over at the bed:: . . . but, it looks really messy. I don’t think I can do this. I can’t do this. It will only take three minutes. Tops. Stop it, Ruthanne! Step away from the bed. . . . Okay, okay.”

The relief I feel on Mondays as I make my bed up is almost indescribable.

Ahhhh, yes. Everything is right in the world again.

I’m weird.

I know this. You know this. I’m sorry.

I got a birthday present in the mail on Saturday from Melissa. It’s a bracelet from Silpada and I love it. It’s so perfect.

My mom was out of town on my birthday, so she’s taking me out tonight for a girl’s night out. Schweet!

I’m really enjoying this birthday. It’s like the energizer bunny. It just keeps going and going and going.

I have made three trips to the library within the past seven days.

My daughter is flying through the books A Series of Unfortunate Events.

She wakes up and reads. She eats and reads. She hurries up with her school work so she can read. She ignores her iPod touch so she can read.

I don’t mind all the trips to the library.

I love it.

In other non-book related yet daughter related news, my girl is registered to run the St. Jude’s Half-Marathon. We’re going to run it as a Mother-Daughter team.

Yes, I’m totally stoked.

I told her we should have shirts made.

We could have “The Dream Team” printed on them.

She gave me the look, which translated into a resounding no.

She said we would have to come up with something other than “The Dream Team.” Sooo, what do you think? Ideas? Inspiration?


  1. I don’t make my bed on Saturdays OR Sundays…my reason: I should get a weekend too! One of the biggest eye openers for me as a SAHM was how every. single. day. felt the same. Sure, my husband was home on the weekends, but my Saturdays still looked an awful lot like Tuesday…and for someone who was used to “taking it easy” on the weekends, it drove me batty. So, I did a couple of things: 1) I don’t do laundry on the weekends. None. I don’t fold. I don’t put away. Nada. Granted, this means I really try hard to see the bottom of the hampers by Friday night so it is done anyway, but I really needed to not even THINK about laundry on weekends. 2) I don’t make my bed…usually. Sometimes I’ll do it but if I do, it’s because I want to. Not because I have to. Does my room look messier? No doubt. But somehow it’s freeing. Take that you dumb bed! I’m taking the weekend off! Boom.

  2. My mama taught us to make our beds when we got up. Immediately. I have a husband who works shift work so he’s either in it or about to get in it most days. So the bed making went out the window.

    Love the bracelet. She’s a good friend.

    You and your girl running the marathon together is awesomeness. No ideas right now, but I’ll think on it.

  3. I meant to say half-marathon.

  4. Mama Lynda says:

    Not making the bed on Sunday is perfectly allowable. After all, that is the one day of the week that a nap in the afternoon is a MUST and no need to make a bed that will used within a few hours. :) I love the idea of naming your team. Can’t wait to hear what it will be. And…looking forward to tonight with my DDD.

  5. Happy belated birthday!

    I don’t make my bed on the weekends — Saturday because DH is usually still in it when I get up, and Sunday because I take that whole no-working thing very seriously. 😉 But it usually makes for a much harder bed-making session on Monday (coverlet usually falls off the end of the bed and gets covered with dog hair), so I made Monday the day we wash linens.

  6. you crack me up. I am the same way with making my bed. I don’t want to do it, but I really can’t NOT do it. Maybe I should try NOT making it on Sunday. But then honestly it is not as comfortable to get into if the covers are not all straightened out…so I would still have to straighten the covers before I got in and I would be tired and irrirated with myself at that point for not having done it earlier….of the dilemma! i would feel like a badass if I didn’t make my bed though. the tough, cool girl.

    i think your daughter and my daughter would get along.

  7. girl. i HEAR you on the no bed making sundays.
    love that beautiful bracelet!


  8. every day must be sunday for me then! :)

    and technically, you pulled the covers more than halfway up in that first pic… and that would be considered as made in some parts of the world, y’know.

  9. Recently came across your blog! Congrats and your weight loss! I’m also running the St Jude half marathon!