Spring Family 5K Pictures & Recap

Hey, howdy hey, y’all!

We’re coming off of a full weekend of fun, family and birthday celebrations. I’ll deal with birthday schtuff tomorrow. Today, I want to brag on my crew. They deserve it.

Saturday’s race was a small local event. It was for a non-profit therapy center that uses horses as a therapy tool for children with disabilities. Once I started adding up the money spent on races, the desire to find races for a worthy cause grew. My man and I both thought this would be a great race for the children to participate in for the spring.

I took some pre-race shots. You know . . . . before everyone got all hot and sweaty.

My oldest decided to join in the fun last minute. Yee-haw! (imma dork)

One of my girl’s close friends was also running the race. We’ll just call her Sweetie Pie. She ended up setting a new PR. She shaved off a minute from her last 5K time. High-five! She’s super speedy. Just like her mom and dad.

On a different note, I think they secretly coordinated outfits.

This was my first race as a spectator. It felt very different. I didn’t have all the typical nervous jitters, but I still felt anxious for the crew.

Just after 8 o’clock they were off.

Junior fit in one last wave as he passed by.

Blondie and I headed down to the finish line. I forgot to start my timer, so I didn’t know exactly how long the clock had been running. That really drove me crazy. Really.

The first of the crew to come in was my oldest. He was bookin’ it.

He went on to run a total of six miles that day. After running the race, he came home and ran another 3 miles with me. That is the farthest distance he’s ever run in a day. I was so proud of him!

My girl was the next to cross the finish line.

She set a new PR and shaved off over 2 1/2 minutes from her last 5K time. Her next 5K goal is the same as mine ~ sub-30.

Just a couple of minutes after she finished, I saw Lil’ Dub coming up the road. My man was with him and my oldest jogged back to encourage him. I love that picture.

He ended up winning in his age division.

Then, came Junior. He was high-talin’ it to the finish line.

And guess what? He won first place in his age division, too!

My neighbor snapped this picture of us all together. Thanks, Kevin!

Despite the look on their faces, they really are excited about their medals. ::snort::

In fact, they’ve been wearing them non-stop since Saturday morning.

I’m one proud mama right now. I love my crew to pieces!


  1. looks great and fun! what a great way to get kids out and about and hopefully start some kind of lifelong fitness practice for them!

  2. I love this! I can’t wait for my son to be old enough to run with. :) For now, the jogging stroller will do!

    • Ruthanne says:

      I am amazed by all the moms who run with children in strollers. Y’all are rock stars!

  3. What a fun day! I love, love, love that picture of your oldest and your man running alongside Lil’ Dub.
    Man, they sure are pouring it on for the last of that race!

  4. Mama Lynda says:

    I too, love that crew! The one with the oldest running next to Lil’ Dub is just plain heartwarming and I LOVE for my heart to be warm :) So proud of all of the crew.

  5. how precious! i just loved this post. and i love how ya’ll run together as a family. i look forward to the day noah runs with us too! or at least i hope he wants to run :)

    and in answer to your question you asked a while back… i haven’t been doing much but running only because ive put off weight training… but i started jillian last week– thirty day shred! and last night i did her kickboxing dvd. she kicked my tail. but it was really fun too! so i am planning on mixing up my work outs between the three. hopefully i can get out of the rut ive been in and start losing some more weight. plus all that running– it’s really wearing me down! did you ever notice that with running? like your body just quit on you? that’s how i’ve been feeling with running lately. mentally i really want to go but physically i just can’t. taking off a week so hopefully it helps.

    • Ruthanne says:

      Yes, just listen to your body. Your body will tell you when to step things up and when to ease up.

  6. way to go crew!!

  7. oh my goodness, ruthanne! oh-so-proud is right! this makes me miss running. a lot. just wish my hips agreed. *sigh* congratulations to you and your crew!! love the action-shots. and awards. love that they kept wearing them. priceless. jr cracks me up with his *wave*… making it look so easy.

    {wondering… how do you make your collages? photoshop? no pressure to answer. i’ll just be over here crying myself in a puddle because jack bauer doesn’t seem to be coming back on screen.}

  8. What an awesome day for your family!

  9. Hi Ruthanne!
    Just found you via Arkansas Women Bloggers and your family is just too cute!!