A New 5K PR


A new PR. #happydance

No, it’s not sub-30. #boo-hoo

I was disappointed for a wee little bit on Saturday, but then I got over myself and moved on.

As I’ve mulled the race over in my mind, two things keep coming up.

(1) This is the first 5K I’ve run that I did not feel like I was going to burn out after the first 1/2 mile.

I really held myself back during the first mile of this race. I kept looking at my Garmin. I was running a 9:30 pace and felt awesome.

For comparison purposes:

The first mile of the second 5K I ran, I also ran at a 9:30 pace. The difference is I thought I was going to die during that race. I kept telling myself, “You’re going too fast, Ruthanne. This is too fast. Slow down. You’re burning out.” And that’s exactly what happened.

This time around I felt strong.

That’s improvement and that makes me happy.

(2) I should have kicked it up a notch sooner. I don’t feel like I left it all out on the race course. I felt like I still had “humph” left in me. I don’t want to leave a race with that feeling. I want to know I gave it all I had.

My first 5K: 36:02 October 8, 2011

My sixth 5K: 30:19 April 19, 2012

In other news, I think I figured out why I got such a nasty blister.

I have a huge hole in my shoe!


I think new shoes will be on my birthday wish list for Saturday.

P. S. My man and my oldest killed it during the race. They did awesome!


  1. Honestly, this just excites me to no end! Congrats on the race time and congrats on the hole in your shoe. You earned both!

  2. Sweet run! Great improvement! :)

  3. OH, but you were super close to sub 30. That’s fabulous. And you look ecstatic in the picture.

    Wicked was awesome!!! I know you know that, but I just can’t get over what a great show it was. My friends and I left talking about how to scrounge up the money to go again before it leaves. 😉

  4. Look at that improvement in 6 months!! Amazing!!! Way to go. You have so much to be proud of.

    • Ruthanne says:

      Thanks, Emily!

      This Saturday the family (minus me & the youngest) are running in a 5K. I can’t wait to capture them crossing the finish line with my camera! This will be the kids first 5K since last fall.

  5. Great job! I loving reading about your runs and races. You inspire me!
    Who is the that handsome young man between you and hubby?! Good gravy he has grown!!

  6. Amazing! Great job and how wonderful that your family did it with you!! :)

  7. Congrats on the new personal record and the run Ruthanne! What fun memories with the family!