Weigh-In Wednesday

It’s that time again.

It’s been one week since I number dropped and exposed myself. Y’all were so nice and encouraging it almost made me forget about what I did. Almost.


Well, I had a great week. I worked out six out of the seven days with a mixture of running, cycling, pilates and strength training. I stayed well within my calorie limit each day except for Sunday. I cheated a wee bit on Sunday.

Sunday is my favorite day of the week. I take the day off from exercising, we go to church, have a late lunch, a lazy afternoon and cap it off with family movie night. I love Sundays!

I also found myself dreading Sundays. #boo

Since I don’t exercise, I don’t have any extra calories to splurge. I found that I was feeling miserable trying to stay within my limit while everyone else was enjoying themselves. I decided to let loose a little bit. I didn’t blow it up or anything, but I enjoyed myself.

After a great week, I felt like I was going to see the scale move . . . . and it did.

Just in the wrong direction!

I went up one pound. Last week, I weighed-in at 165. This week, I weighed-in at 166.


Now, I have been intentionally upping my daily water intake since Saturday’s long run. Maybe my body is adjusting? Not sure.

I’m not going to be discouraged.

Ok. Maybe I’ll give myself fifteen minutes to be discouraged, then I’ll move on.


How about you? How did your week go?

P. S. You don’t have to share numbers. Just share whatever.


  1. Well, I my number just kind of sat there on the edge of my milestone. 200.2 Argg. I just want it to slip below that big 200!!! Almost there. So I’m 43 pounds down with 47 left to go!

    Also, you shouldn’t worry about that silly pound. You are putting on a lot of muscle with all that training, and you also take note of what time of the month it is. Just stick with it–you are doing great! Such an inspiration.

    • Ruthanne says:

      I remember the day I finally saw the scale dip below 200. That was a good day! That day is coming for you. Soon!

  2. Well I was up 1 pound too, but it was a huge relief! I didn’t weigh at all while we were in Hawaii and only ran twice. And I ATE and ATE the whole time. Phew, I was just hoping it wasn’t 5lbs!

    But time to get back on the wagon. I’d like to be down about 15 more.

  3. I’d chalk it up to fluid retention and let it go.

    I ran for the first time in a while this morning and it was good. Not great, but good. I’m holding my weight which isn’t so good. 😉 Myfitnesspal.com isn’t sending emails anymore so that’s good. Notice I haven’t said b-a-d yet. No discouragement here.

    • Ruthanne says:

      Yay! How’d it feel to get back out there?

      • I was so glad to breathe in the morning air and begin again. I was scared my body would have lost everything I had built up to, but it didn’t. I could still run! And I felt pretty great afterwards. Gotta set up a schedule.

  4. good for you, RA!

  5. I was down only .6 lbs at my last weigh in. Disappointing when I do EVERYTHING I am supposed to be doing. But, I hadn’t taken any days off. And at least the plan that I am on (and the GAME that I am playing with others) says that you should take a day off each week, as it affects your metabolism. So, just saying…surely it was the water or or the time of the month (maybe could have an affect on your run as well?) that made a gain for you. Have you done measurements? I am thinking about doing that, because all of my clothes are fitting better, even though my weight is quickly decreasing, so I know that I am toning for sure. Measurements can almost be a better indicator! Good luck this coming week.

    • Ruthanne says:

      I should do measurements, but I’m too lazy. Ha! Yay for you being down .6! High five.

  6. i don’t have a scale so i can’t give numbers…but i can definitely say my recently rekindled love for girl scout cookies {’tis the season!} has made things slightly tighter around the waste!

  7. I am anxious to see how you do next week once your body adjusts to being hydrated! I lost another 2 lbs! You are doing great and inspiring so many people to take control of their lives! Keep it up.

  8. I’ve done 35 days worth of the shred and haven’t seen any real weight loss. I’ve got a whole lot more muscle now. If I had to take a 10 lb. weight loss or the muscle tone I’ve gained, I’d take the muscle. You’re doing a great job and I wouldn’t worry about splurging. I’ve rad the people with the best success in weight loss are the ones who Allie themselves the occasional splurge. :)

    • Ruthanne says:

      I’m so proud of you for making it all the way through The Shred. I’ve started and stopped so many times it’s pathetic.

  9. I like the idea of weighing in once a week. I pretty much obsess about the scale, weighing several times a day, which I shouldn’t do, but it’s placement in the bathroom is just too convenient. It’s an up and down daily battle, but I am down 2.2 from last week, if you look at the Wednesdays. :)

  10. I was going to say it’s probably muscle, but someone probably already has. What are your clothes telling you? I find them a better indicator. I’m impressed by all your exercising, I’m just lucky I still have a baby sucking the calories straight out of me.

  11. After 7 days at Disney (on their meal plan that does not offer healthy options)…eating more carbs, fat, sugar, gluten, {insert every single thing under the sun that is bad for you here} I was feeling SO bloated and well…fat. I usually weigh in every morning. Not looking for weight loss…but it is just what helps me to keep myself more accountable. Such as if I have eaten really well but see a gain, I know I need to up my water intake because I know I’m probably holding water weight. And sometimes I may have eaten not so well and just “feel” fat and getting on the scale helps me to see that it’s just mental. It’s just what I have found to work for me as far as feeling the “control” I need to feel. With a history of bad body image, my weight loss journey is more of a mental battle sometimes than a physical. So going a whole week with that “I feel fat” mentality and with no scale to see if my brain and my body were lining up actually made for some self loathing thoughts I had to battle all week. I was dreading getting on the scales. It is amazing how much of this battle is in our heads. I swear I though I had gained 10 pounds. It literally felt that way. Three pounds. That was all I had gained. Phew. Thanks for hosting this. :-)

    • Ruthanne says:

      I feel fat right now.

      I totally blew. it. up. this weekend. AND Aunt Flo decided to pay a visit.

      Yuck and Ugh.