smorgasbord ~ freckles, dreams, running & weight loss goals . . . . oh my!

i’m not quite sure what’s up with me and my weird picture taking faces lately.

i’m sorry.


also, what’s up with me sprouting more freckles as i get older?

i have freckle patches beside each eye. for real. like brown, speckled patches.

i’m not making this stuff up, y’all.

sooooo . . . anyhoo . . . my man asked me how i slept last night. {we actually ask each other this every morning. it’s like tradition. or something.} i proceeded to tell him how i tossed and turned all night and had the strangest dreams.

basically, i was dreaming about this week’s long run.

it was a nightmare.

i was at mile eight during the entire dream. i was literally running in place.

i would jerk in my sleep, wake up and feel relieved that it was just a dream, but then i would say to myself, “get past that eighth mile, ruthanne.”

actually . . . .

i’m laughing about it now. it’s rather comical to picture.


i’m finding that i both dread and look forward to my long runs each week. they take up a lot of space in my mental cavity.


i’ve decided to stop putzing {no idea if that’s a word} around on my weight loss. i want to be at goal weight by the end of august.

that gives me about 24 weeks to shrink my derriere.

i still have 27 pounds to go . . . . because . . . like i said . . . i’ve been putzing around.

it’s doable. it’s totally doable.

i switched my settings around on my fitness pal.

i had it set for 2 pound weight loss per week. it wasn’t working for me on the days i didn’t do any kind of cardio. i had a very hard time staying within my caloric limit.

you might be wondering what in the world i’m eating and why i can’t stay within my limit. ::snort::

i’m determined to make changes that are lifestyle changes and not temporary fixes, so i eat what my family eats. sometimes the meals are higher in calories and i’m okay with that. i also like to have my glass of wine or bottle of Guinness. oh, and there are the occasional {cough} pieces of chocolate.

are you following me?

i’m not willing to give up those things. i just need to be better about the quantity.

now, i have my fitness pal set for a 1 pound weight loss per week.

i have calories left over on the days that i run, but just the right amount on the days i don’t.

make sense?

i’ve been mulling over doing a weekly weigh-in post ~ sharing if i gained, lost or stayed the same. i’m wondering if it might give me the extra oomph i’ve been lacking for the past several months.


  1. LOL, the first thing I thought of when I saw your picture today was Popeye saying, “I yam what I yam!”

  2. I think posting will help your motivation.

    I have dreams about running reallllllly slow, not in place, but sooooo slow like i am trying to go faster but can’t so weird.

    Love your goofy faces.

    (Do i seem like a stalker? I always sit at my computer in the afternoon right as you post so it kinda looks like i am here all day waiting for your next post) :)

    • Ruthanne says:

      that’s it. i’m going to do it. putting it out there will make me feel accountable on a certain level, too.

      you’re totally not a stalker.

      and truth be told . . . i always look forward to your comments.

  3. Oooohhhh, you look so goooooodd!! I want to know your weight-loss secrets. How do you fit in running? I can barely get out the door WITH the littles to take a walk! Homeschooling and working have taken over my life! What gives? I must see ‘the plan’.

  4. I have been doing a weekly weigh in for about five weeks now, and it is AWESOME. It most definitely holds me (and likely would you) accountable. I don’t want to screw up in front of all these people, you know?

    I am absolutely enjoying your blog so much. I love hearing about your running, and the fact that it is hard at times. I did the couch to 5k before Thanksgiving, did a Turkey Trot when I was back in the States visiting, and now haven’t run since. I am going to start it over again this weekend. And I am inspired by you to start it and keep going with it.

    • Oh, and to clarify…I do the weigh in and publish it on my blog (on Monday’s). That was probably obvious, but its late where I am, so please forgive me. And oh yeah, I actually published my weight. Scary, very scary. But makes me want to work even harder so that # goes down. :)

  5. Love your self portraits. Wish I had the nerve to take more photos of myself. Gotta do that for my kids.

    I think posting a weekly weigh in would help with motivation. Because…

    I got my little email from fitness pal saying I haven’t signed in in two weeks. ACK! I was going so well then February came along with four birthdays. Four. And I had to bake cakes for all of them. I was on a roll until that happened. So now I’ve got to get back on and just do the thing. It’s so easy. You’ve got the right idea about eating with the family. I do that and just record everything I put in my mouth. Well, I did…

    • Ruthanne says:

      birthdays are SO hard. i love me some birthday cake! mmmm . . . frosting. yum!

  6. You are too cute…funny freckled face and all. Esp the freckles…they really are adorbs.
    Good for you on weight loss goals.

  7. I love your goofy pictures! And you look too skinny to still need to lose 27 lbs.! I’d love for you to post more on your weight loss — you’ve already helped me so much over the last year, so I’d love to cheer you on (and continue to motivate myself). :)

  8. I agree with everyone, and it sounds like you do too. Especially since you stopped Weight Watchers, we will be your community of cheerleaders! That, to me, is the best part about WW. Sharing in each other’s successes and giving each other tips, tricks, tools and foodie finds. Good for you!

  9. yes! do a weigh in! KICK my accountablitly butt please! i have 50 lbs to loose….i have for 3 years! whaaaaa***

  10. I love your posts about running and weight loss. I am on Week Six of couch to 5k and you absolutely motivate me to keep going!!!!! Love, love your blog!

  11. it’s so much fun here…like seriously, thank you. you could probably write about vacuuming and it would be funny and interesting. yep – totally following you on the wine/guinness/chocolate paragraph.

  12. freckles. i have a ton of them now. at least it’s better than zits.